Pete has spoken in front of thousands over the 15+ years as a professional Speaker, Motivator and Coach.

Welcome to Pete Asmus' Go Make SOMETHING Happen...

Pete’s “Real-Raw-Results” Style of speaking comes from his years fighting to create his dream on his terms. He doesn’t pull any punches and his energy will launch you across the room. The passion his audiences feel is incredible as he reaches into each person to find out what inspires them. At the end of his Keynote you realize it’s you. Pete shows us how our only road blocks are our own actions and thoughts.
“It’s not the unrealistic goal that’s an issue with people, it’s the unrealistic effort, energy and actions they take to attain them.”
~ Pete Asmus

The Audience knows they have bought into a fairy tale truth even if it’s hard to admit it.  We know money doesn’t grow on trees and get rich quick schemes don’t work but WHAT Does?  How can I reach my potential?

  • “Attitude = Altitude” Your attitude attracts or repels people, opportunities &  money.
  • “Take Responsibility” Victims have to wait for change / If you’re in control you can change it any time you want.
  • “WHY vs. HOW” If your WHY is strong enough the HOW doesn’t matter.
  • “OFF limit words and tracks” Certain words and word tracks will destine you for failure, sometimes it’s good to burn the boats.
  • “Be willing to go through the pain of change”
  • “People invest in people they know, trust and Like or want to be like,” Period. The “it doesn’t matter what I look like, I’m at home” mentality is a trap.  IT DOES matter, you see yourself.

As an Award Winning Radio Host, Pete has interviewed politicians, community leaders, Miss California, celebrities and real estate investors who should be celebrities just to name a few.  Because of Pete’s personality and extreme desire to make it entertaining his natural inclination is to position you as a rock star.  He realized early on the better his guests felt the better they would do.

Pete understood there is great diversity within his audience and special things that make each person uniquely gifted.  Pete went after that, focusing a majority of the interview on “who” they are.  His goal was to create a show that not only educated you, but also inspired and entertained you by showing you the secrets that helped successful people reach their goals.   What he found from this is what inspires and motivates people to engage their passion relentlessly and how anyone can apply it to their lives.

Pete’s first book, Force Your Dream into Reality is focused on the “what” you need to do to change your life and live the life you have always wanted.  Pete digs in and doesn’t let you breathe for a minute.  The entire eBook is filled with actionable information that will help you reposition your life the way you want. 

The overwhelming success of his first book showed him a huge piece he missed as everyone kept asking HOW to do what he talked about in Force Your Dreams into Reality.  That led him to write his second eBook called The Question Factor.  This book focuses on the “How” you do it, giving specific exercises and tasks to take action on.